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Game created in 4 days during the Epic MegaJam21  with Unreal Engine 5.

Disclaimer:  This game is about improving typing skills in a fun way. I only had time to set up input for keyboards with 104-105 keys with U.K English layout. 

Keyboard layout is easy to change in windows. Look next to the clock.

The game provides an optional keyboard to use with the mouse in case you don't want to use U.K. english!  I'm hoping to support other layouts in the future if people like the game.

Rules:  The game teaches the rules by itself. But ...


Start running out of Space and exit the level through Enter. 


The movement depends on the last key pressed. Only neighbor keys are valid. Red keys are disabled.

Manage both, the space in the floor and the space in the keyboard. ;)

The game is too hard?

Adjust the speed in the settings to match your typing skill!

Have fun!

Asset disclosure.

Skyboxes and background planets by "StarSphere"  from Marketplace except the moon and color stars.

Material on player mesh by "Materialize" from Marketplace.

Materials on floors and walls by Kitbash 3D.

Music by We love indies. Edited by me to adjust to gameplay.

FX and GUI Sounds by we love indies and boom library*

*Fall sound and hits on enemies recorded by me.

Font by Iconian Fonts - Daniel Zadorozny www.iconian.com

3D letters are blender default fonts extruded. Tweaked to increase legibility.

The rest is designed, modeled, textured or coded by me.


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IntoTheEnter.rar 550 MB


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I hate the control scheme as it is now.  It's just frustrating and I don't feel like it's helping me with any kind of typing whatsoever. 

Maybe if you had the player type out a word or something to choose a direction, it would be useful for improving typing? Like having a word for each direction that changes once you've typed it in. Or make it even more random, so you have to find the right keys instead of moving around the keyboard.

Thank you for the feedback!
I understand the fustration and I agree that as is now the GUI don't help much, I already changed it to make it much more legible.
One of the points of the sytem is to find paths across the keyboard. Certain levels are puzzle-like, where most keys are disabled and the player has to work out the way in the keyboard.
That's why is like this! But I understand the fustration ...
Again, thank you for your opinion! I will use it!

It was kinda hard to grasp idea what does it mean "Enter with enter" but it was pretty fun!

Glad you had fun with it!

(2 edits)

I just realized that level 14 has an important message missing, but can't re-upload.  
Press Space-bar to fire! when powered!!!  ;)

And Level 15 has a 5 cm wall that makes impossible to finish it sometimes.

Note: Don't move things at the last minute!